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Tobacco Policy

湖北快3回血计划The Murray State  campus is 100 percent free of tobacco use. 


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Addiction: Once started, it is very difficult to quit any tobacco product, especially by self. This is due to the addictive behavior of tobacco products - the feel good effect (euphoria). The product is very pleasurable, but as soon as it wears off there is a big let down and the person wants the product again. This leads to dependence - the need for the product again and again to get that euphoric or pleasurable effect.

Many tobacco users try to quit multiple times, but can't because of the need for and the effects of the tobacco product. This becomes a vicious cycle of needing the product and trying to quit. During the times that the person tries to quit, he/she will experience withdrawal symptoms湖北快3回血计划 of anxiety, irritability, cravings for the tobacco products, and decreased concentration. He/she will usually give up and start the product again.