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Our Brand Promise

The true value of higher education is found at Murray State University. This is where students receive endless opportunities to pursue their dreams - and where faculty and staff go above and beyond to make sure those opportunities are afforded. These stories happen every day through a high-quality education that provides experiential learning, academic and personal growth and the ability for students to secure a lifetime of success.

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Market Research

Why New Branding?

We conducted and reviewed significant market research — including institutional data, a competitive analysis, email surveys and focus groups — which provided insight into where we stand in the college/university marketplace and in the hearts and minds of alumni, students, parents, community members, faculty and staff.

The Key Takeaway

A common theme was “small atmosphere, big offerings.” Students and parents love that the University is small enough to boast a friendly, safe campus community but big enough to provide outstanding facilities. Because of these qualities, Murray State is a unique environment in which students are afforded more opportunities.


The University Voice

To convey the opportunity-centric message, the tone of voice for all University content should feel confident, aspirational, encouraging, friendly and supportive.

The webpage you’re currently reading is a great example, as is this billboard: 

Ad example

Grammar Style

湖北快3回血计划Any marketing materials representing the University, from brochures to web pages to press releases, should follow Associated Press style for grammar. We encourage you to save the following style guide and/or hang it up at your desk for easy reference. Not only will it make great office décor, it will also help ensure consistent grammar usage across the University.

Download the University's Editorial Style Guidelines

For more tips on AP style, and are great resources. If you have further questions, please contact Parker Franklin in the office of branding, marketing and communication at pfranklin4@murraystate.edu湖北快3回血计划.

Important note: Please use the official names of University colleges, buildings and scholarships, and check your spelling. Examples include the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business, Susan E. Bauernfeind Wellness Center and Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology.


The Symbol of the University

The new Murray State University logo presents a modern take on the traditional shield. The updated version reflects our rich history while focusing on providing an Opportunity Afforded for everyone.

To ensure consistent University branding across all colleges and departments, please join us in bidding the old logos adieu. Moving forward, use only the new logo variations and follow these guidelines:

Download Brand Guidelines

Download all logos.湖北快3回血计划 Download includes JPG files for print usage and transparent PNG files for digital/web usage.

For additional file types, please contact Melissa Shown at or Emily Cook at


Brand Colors

湖北快3回血计划These are the tried-and-true blue and gold colors we all know and love:

  • Blue
    CMYK: 100, 90, 0, 70
    RGB: 0, 33, 68
    HEX: 002144
  • PMS 289
  • Gold
    CMYK: 0, 24, 94, 0
    RGB: 236, 172, 0
    HEX: ECAC00
  • PMS 123

Accent Colors

湖北快3回血计划These are new secondary colors that should be used very sparingly: 

  • Light Blue
    CMYK: 83, 11, 2, 0
    RGB: 0, 164, 227 (web)
    HEX: 00A4E3
  • PMS 2995
  • Orange
    CMYK: 0, 87, 80, 0
    RGB: 255, 69, 0
    HEX: FF4500
  • Pantone Warm Red


The University’s Typeface

The Freight font family is now the official University typeface. The serif font should be used for headlines and subheads, and the sans serif version should be used for body copy.
These fonts are pre-installed on University-owned Windows machines. Mac users can download and install these fonts to their own profiles. 

Download font family

If you have questions about using these fonts on University computers, contact the Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or


The University’s Image

湖北快3回血计划Photography plays a huge role in bringing a branding message to life. Our photos help tell the Opportunity Afforded story by focusing on real campus experiences. Using a contemporary style, we’re capturing candid moments and the academic opportunities our students are being afforded.

For copyright information or to schedule a photographer, please contact the office of branding, marketing and communication at

Social media graphics

湖北快3回血计划Your social media accounts should always represent the current brand. Feel free to download and use any of the following graphics on your area's official Facebook page. 


OVC Downloadable Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook cover image featuring Basketball


download Basketball cover image

Facebook cover image featuring the mascot Dunker


download Dunker cover image

Format Excel files

湖北快3回血计划To create a Murray State theme using the official colors:

  1. Open a new Excel document.
  2. Go to the Page Layout tab. Next to Themes, click Colors, then select Create New Theme Colors at the bottom of the list.
  3. For each of the desired fields, click the dropdown and then click More Colors.
  4. Select the Custom tab, then enter the RGB values for the Murray State colors.
    For Light Blue (007eb2)
    R = 0
    G = 126
    B = 178
    For Navy (002144)
    R = 0
    G = 33
    B = 68
    For Gold (ecac00)
    R = 236
    G = 172
    B = 0
    Once you've entered a color once, it will appear in the Recent Colors box if you decide to repeat it.
  5. Once all of the theme colors are selected, click Save.
  6. Click Themes, then select Save Current Theme. Name the theme (I used MurrayStateTheme) and save it.
  7. Open the document to which you wish to apply the theme. Go to Page Layout and select the theme from the list. This should update any document, or set up any new document with the correct colors. You can also add specific fonts and effects to the theme if you don't like the standard ones and they'll transition in the same way.


Easy-to-use Layouts

Create presentations and press releases that represent the University brand by starting with these pre-designed templates.

Find examples and pricing for business cards, letterhead, invitations and more under Print Pricing

The office of Branding, Marketing and Communication encourages you to tell us about upcoming events, news and accomplishments. Email information (with photos, if possible) to    

Email Signature

Signoff Design

Ensure your emails match the new Murray State branding by updating your signature to look like this:

Email signature example


  1. Download the Murray State logo.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your RacerMail inbox.
  3. Choose the “Settings” link.
  4. In the “Signature” section, click the “Insert Image” icon to upload the new Murray State logo.
  5. Reference the design above to update your information as needed.
  6. To link the apply today text, click the link icon and add a link to
    If the text is linked properly, it will automatically turn blue. 
  7. Make sure the signature box is selected and “no signature” is deselected.
  8. Scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes” before navigating back to your inbox.

Please note, departmental email accounts may not upload images. 


To maintain brand consistency, all videos representing Murray State should end with the same video animation. We've provided options for each school/college as well as a generic version. Please choose the animation that best fits your video's message.

:30 Commercial

Power sessions

BMC hosts power sessions to provide the campus community with additional resources and information about design, writing and branding. Download resources from 2018 past sessions.